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Technology Letters
is a is a peer reviewed multi-lingual open access journal for all areas of science and technology. The journal is published tri-monthly by Centre for Advanced Scientific Research & Rural Technology (CART).  Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit original unpublished research articles and reviews to the journal. 
There will not be any publication charges.

We understand that science and technology developed through ages by the contributions of great scientists belonging to various parts of the globe having different languages and culture. Demanding, or carefully building the impression that all science communication should be in one language (English) is nothing but a type of cultural imperialism. Science speaks its own language, it is universal and all great languages are capable of communicating ideas effectively. The cultural imperialism is now slowly making science writing in English a means to grab money also when they offer services for panctuating your english for a price. Further it tries to create inferiority complex in the minds of otherwise gifted researchers from non-English speakers. Publishers are offering services of English correction of your articles and this is the economic aspect of cultural imperialism. We feel that not knowing English should not deter any researchers from his articles getting published and discussed among the scientific community. 

Therefore Technology Letters accepts research articles in major world languages (as a first step) and will publish them as such. The authors have to give only English versions of the title, abstracts, conclusions, and figure and Table captions in English. If they are interested, they can submit a draft of their work in an English which they know and without worrying about any punctuations or grammar (this English version is not mandatory but only optional). Please click here to know how this would work and how your ideas would be disseminated among the interested readers.

For the time being, articles are welcome in  all 80 languages that are included in the GOOGLE TRANSLATE. Click here to check your language availability

This journal has no prejudice to articles

  • Without colorful graphics
  • The so called multicolor “graphical abstracts”
  • Not having data from multimillion dollar equipment
  • For not having King’s or Yanki English punctuations. 
We consider articles for their knowledge content, originality and lucidness sans jargons, contribution to the science that would help those who are marginalized in the globalized society. 

Technology Letters consists of four series such as, Technology Letters: A, B, C and D. The specific area of different series has been given below:

Technology Letters: A

  • Materials: Synthesis, Preparation and Properties
  • Nanoscience and nanotechnology, Optics and optical technology, Super conductors.

Technology Letters: B

  • Machines and mechanics, Design, Structure, Flow, Transportation, Manufacturing

Technology Letters: C

  • Biotechnology and bioengineering, All aspects of environment science and technology, Spectroscopy.

Technology Letters: D

  • Electronics, Electrical and computational aspects of equipment and devices.

Conference Proceedings

  • We undertake the publication of International and National Conferences, Workshops and Seminars. For your needs please contact the Editor at 
    Our Latest Conference Proceedings was that of the ICAT14, held in India.

Technology Letters Monologues And Workshop Course Materials

  •  We also publish your Monologues on Technology and Sciences and also the workshop course materials you provide during your workshops, trainings etc. For more details please contact :

Centre for Advanced Scientific Research & Rural Technology (CART)

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